Friday, February 15, 2008

Interflora Sucks....

Placed order for flowers for yesterday..... nothing turned up. Ring Interflora (numerous times) and it's all engaged tones or dead lines. That's shite. That's shite on a stick with a shite topping.

Update: For a more reasoned reasoning of the reasons that Interflora sucks, see Nomine's Just How Wrong Can You Get It

Update+: Interflora are refunding. Still never going to use them again.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

BloglinesMenu 1.6rc

Yes, finally, I updated the BloglinesMenu to be universal. I'm flagging this one a release canidate as I'm not 100% on how this will run in the field*, but it's out there now. If no one flags a problem in the next month or so, I'll just drop the rc from the zip file name.

Enjoy.... I won't because I'm all Google Reader these days.

* When I say that, I've given it a good run and it seems to still stay small and work, it's just this is my first Universal build.