Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Google pulls the plug on SOAP

Google Operating System blog reports on the plug pulling on Google's SOAP search. No WSDL any more, no programmatic searching, and you have to use the Ajax API in pages to access search. No thanks Google... sounds like you've decided to be a little bit evil.

Monday, December 18, 2006

So Cisco bring out the iPhone...

.... and I don't care. See Gizmodo piss their credibility up the wall here.

Me, I'm pondering what Apple could call a phone. Macall! A mac which calls. Sorted. And you can run around in a US TV cop voice going "MACALL! You've got a MACALL!".

I'll get me coat.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tiny Shuffle.... needs.

Tiny Shuffle's need one thing, a tiny charger and this is a sweet teeny charger. I think a UK three pin adapter would play against it here of course. [via Engadget]

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This is evil

Gizmodo shows us evil and it is annoying, annoying as a device which beeps at random at 2 to 8 minute intervals can be. Fair warning, if anyone plants one of these near me, prepare for them to be exposed to DEEEEEEEEEEEP HURTING.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Want! O-Ring Digi!

Gizmodo tempts me with the O-Ring Digi
, a super sleek and sexy watch which can remind me about doughnuts.

Mmmmmmmm doughnuts....

Noise Cancelling done cheap

Engadget picks out JVCs new noise cancelling headphones with a neat ability to select the kind of cancelling it does, and all for $60.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Optimus.... oh dear....

Gizmodo brings the news that the Optimus keyboard has now taken on a new taste in suck, namely it's coming in black and white on the keys. All that photoshoppery was just that. Ah well.

Nintendo to rename Wii.....

Nintendo to rename the Wii to the Wiicrunchclattersmash for trade descriptions accuracy. (via Engadget)

Dock Pr0n

Back after a break... and first up is this mmmmm iPod dock (via Engadget). It's got teh shiny, teh valvez and apparently blue LEDs*. And a silly price.

* black enamel paint over the top of a blue LED makes them much more socially acceptable.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blu-Ray was right for PS3....

Blu-Ray was right for the PS3. Want to know why? Well Blue Dragon on the Xbox 360 is coming on 3 DVDs, uncompressed, the data takes around 30GB. So, there is a need for a lot of data for games and putting a high capacity media in from day zero means developers don't have to worry about slicing their game over multiple DVDs.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fat leg? A cable solution

Gizmodo again, mention a rather neat fat legged table which uses the fat leg as a cable routing duct. Simple... just be careful when you pull out the table from its corner... CRASH CLATTER CRUNCH.

The Antiergonomic mouse...

Gizmodo mentions a mouse with a built in card reader but I'm thinking that it'll be a pig to use if you put an SD card in and then have to mouse around to get at the stuff on the SD card. Still for £5.95, it screams stocking filler....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm Optimustic....

Engadget brings the news that Optimus are going to take preorders for their 103 LCD or OLED keyboard from December 12th. I'm not jumping into the queue, but I'm looking forward to the possibility of them actually not being the creation of an ace photoshopper.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I think my ride's here....

I think my ride is here. How cool is that? A personal blimp! And in funky wasp colours!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Palmsy, the inevitable decline of Palm; now it moves into farce with the delay of the Treo 680 because they made 144000 Treo 680's and forgot somewhere down the line to connect the internal microphone. (Via Gizmodo)

A screen for racing games....

Engadget boggles at Woojin's 19" monitor with integrated mini me, a 19" monitor sporting a 8 inch screen in it's top edge bezel. Why? Well, it could be for the rear view mirror display for racing games or....

No, sorry, I'm out of ideas...

Make your own Wacom Cintiq...

Engadget points out a chap who's made his own Wacom Cintiq, the rather lovely monitor/tablet from Wacom (usually followed by the words 'it costs how much?!', for the price prudent £100 and a lot of time. Kudos to the chap; now, come on Wacom, bring them Cintiq prices down; you got competition.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

iPhone.... maybe.....

But I'll believe it when Steve goes "And just one more thing, oh hey, hold on I have a call", rather than ThinkSecret reading the far east trade sheets.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shuttlised Keyboard

Here's a different keyboard with a jogwheel all set up where the arrow keys would be. Now, having a Shuttle Express I can't decide if the sacrifice of cursor keys is worth it. At least I can put the Shuttle out of the way when I'm not using it.

Laptop in repose?

Gizmodo brings news of the Easy Desk Aluminium which allows you to flake out on your back with your laptop above you. My only worry is the laptop is restrained by only a shelf edge.

Zune launched by hobo

A hobo today was seen giving away digital audio players.... Hobo experts dispute this saying the man is just a rich eccentric who poses as a hobo, and point out that his coat is colour coordinated with the digital audio playing device.

Dell get colourful

MacNN points out Dell have got a new big one, LCD monitor that is. 30 inches, better colour gamut (92% NTSC) and Dell's bestest feature, price; $1700. Which could have it at around £1360 in the UK if Dell keep the pricing consistent. (And as an aside, at the moment Dell seem to have to current 30" at £1027 inc vat if you're after a big one in a hurry)....

Woosh... 100GB Ethernet sorta

Om Malik writes about a 100GB Ethernet test over 4000km. The magic trick? Clever hardware which multiplexes the signal over 10 10GB links. No, this isn't for your desktop; this is for your ISP's ISP.

Toasty, USB Stylee

Tokyo Times updates us on the latest in USB powered footware and leaves me wondering why...

Monday, November 13, 2006

IBM demand more free pie...

More free pie demanded from free pie shop

Lithium Fireworks

The chaps at Gizmodo found this lovely video whereupon laptop batteries are filmed doing that exploding thing. Now, I'm going out to buy a class D fire extinguisher.

Cheap HD-DVD for PC...

It looks like the XBox 360's external HD-DVD drive accessory works on a PC (and a Mac, though not for HD-DVD due to the lack of a player). UneasySilence does the dirty work and for £129, PC owners may want to consider it. (Via Gizmodo)

Are Iiyama back?

I used to love Iiyama monitors; great pricing, great specs. But over time they ended up as a solid second on my list, price not great, specs average for the price. Well that may change with their new 19" wide screen (Engadget) which boast a tasty dual DVI+HDCP and DSub inputs and a roughly translated price of $300... I'll be keeping my eye out to see what price this lands for in the UK.

Paging Willy Wonka!

ifoAppleStore reports that the Apple Regent Street store has a new glass elevator and a weekend planned for the unveil. As my local Apple store, I look forward to getting trapped in it for I'm a born early adopter.

Google Earth - with old maps

Google Earth now has a set of overlayable maps. It's not really 4D till Google start stacking the previous versions of their high resolution photographs in time order, but it's a nice selection of maps and a useful way to present them.

Tim Bray on OSS Java

Tim Bray gives us the nitty gritty of the GPLing of Java

Ars Technica kill a new iPod Shuffle

Ars Technica do the review of the new iPod Shuffle by stomping on it, throwing it from third floor windows, dropping it in beer and seeing how it survives. It does, but eventually succumbs to being run over by a car.

GPL Java....

GPL Java, but not as Stallman will like it.

Which is good, as I can carry on using it. The Classpath Exception is the giant condom on the code, allowing for safe GPL usage by basically nailing the virality of the GPL in a dynamically linked environment.

But the first idiots who fork it 'just cos they can' should be hunted down and beaten with cluesticks, big cluesticks.

And hussah for it being GPL v2; who needs GPL v3 with it's anti-DRM agenda embedded in it?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fitt's Flaw

Seems Joystiq found a funky flaw with the Nintendo Wii's cursor, in that it has a life off screen where you won't see it, leading to a bit of dissonance as you waggle to find it. (via Digg)

That "Apple" wifi hack...

WiFiNetnews brings us the news that the Ellich/Maynor hack applies to Windows too and that Ellich and Maynor in this case behaved like whiter than white hats. Good work chaps.

4 seconds of er...

Oh my, 18 months to get four seconds of reverb and clonks... yeah, thats the Microsoft brand, reverby clonking. (Via Digg)

Speed and ajax....

Speed and ajax; no, not a dodgy offering from a retailer of illegalities, but SpeedTest.net the most Ajaxy, Flashy broadband speed tester you'll come across today.

Something going awry with the Zune launch?

Who can tell but it ain't going to go with a RocketBoom if this Dear Bill letter is anything to go by. (via Techmeme)

It's Symbolic you know...

Engadget report on the end of the Symbol/PalmOS relationship. My Palm relationship ended with the Treo 650 and Palm aren't getting me back with their current road map. Symbol were one of those companies you liked to see applying Palm's tech in an industrial situation... and now they won't be.

Unhappy Samba Campers

The Samba chaps express their unhappiness in no uncertain terms to the Novell-Microsoft "We'll warm the lube first" agreement. (Via /.)

PS3 Explicit Video

See the nice people strip a PS3 and go ooh at the big ass fan.

Vista RTbootsale "ships"

Already there's a slight crack for Vista. So, hows that user irritactivation working out for you Microsoft?

Welcome to the Codepapacy

Hi and welcome to the Codepapacy, a linklog of interest. Stay a while, STAY FOREVER!*

* Links may be accompanied by cheesy references to 80s computer games.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let loose the lawyers on Hibernate

Firestar hase filed suit against RedHat. The text of the complaint cites Hibernate 3.0 as the offending item, and looking at the patent in question it looks like there's quite a can of worms being opened.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Google Web Toolkit... looks nice but...

The Google Web Toolkit looks nice, but dammit Google, really it's 2006 and you should be in the habit of launching things with Mac support from day zero.

GWT looks more than nice actually. It's AJAX development with no writing Javascript; you write Java top to bottom, and GWT takes care of everything else.

They'll have to rename JavaOne to JavAjaxOne if this keeps up.... it's been a deluge of Ajaxy Java this year.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

What would be handy...

What would be handy is a simple hotkey for the command line so that when you type in...


and it comes back permission denied, you hit it and it recalls the line with "sudo " in front...

sudo somecommandthatneedsroot

(Another suggestion here is that you could just catch the permission denied and change it to "permission denied... sudo it y/n?" but that'd a lot harder to implement and probably bugger up all sorts of scripts)

Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Netbeans Bug thats bugging me...

Netbeans has a bug where it gets the indentation wrong after annotations which have no braced parameters after them, when you use it's reformat code. See the bug entry here. A quick workaround is to tag empty braces after your annotations so

public class ....


public class ....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brilliant - Omnicore

I went hunting for my serial number for Omnicore's XDevelop. Couldn't find it anywhere. So I mailed Omnicore and asked.....

And within 5 minutes, I had a reply with my serials. So apart from making a brilliant code focussed IDE, they are also still one of the most responsive companies I've come across.

Why am I pulling out XDevelop? Well, I was looking at the RIFE site, and apart from it being very interesting as an application stack, I noticed that the first flash demo uses XDevelop to show the neatness. And it reminded me of how nice XDevelop's code environment is; especially compared to NetBeans which is "almost fast enough".